My Story

Jodi Tiahrt is a 2x All Natural Drug-Free Fitness Olympian.  Jodi holds over 76 titles in fitness, figure, bikini and sports model competitions, with 36 first place titles.

Miss Jodi Rae was born and raised in Tyndall, SD.  Growing up in a small mid-western community, she was active in gymnastics, cheerleading and track.  After high school she attended college where she majored in biology (pre-medicine) and was a college cheerleader.  It was during this time that she competed in her first fitness competition.  And then the story begins.  After graduating college with highest honors with a Bachelor of Science in Biology (pre-medicine) with minors in chemistry and health science she debated where or not to pursue med school or to follow her love for fitness.  She decided to hold off on medical school and got certified as a personal trainer and nutritionist and kept competing in fitness competitions.  Jodi’s career drastically changed at this point.  She moved to Las Vegas to pursue a career in fitness modeling, commercial modeling, personal training and nutrition.  Along the way she worked for several nutrition companies including VPX Sports, Egg White International, Quest Nutrition, ANSI Nutrition, Ground-Based Nutrition, Chef Jays and Fit Girl Wear.

It was at this time that Jodi decided to create her own protein bar.  Being that she was always a drug-free competitor and was always concerned about anything artificial that got put in her body, she decided to create her own protein bar, the Empower Bar.  The Empower Bar is made with cold-processed cross-flow microfiltered whey protein isolate from grass-fed cows that is BGH-Free, Non GMO, and sweetened only with stevia.  The Empower Bars is made with organic nut butters, prebiotic fiber and freeze dried fruit.  Please check out my products page for more information.