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Vitamina C

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Our body requires the presence of Vitamin C for a great number of…

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Our body requires the presence of Vitamin C for a great number of metabolic reactions, although the human body lacks the enzymatic capacity for its manufacture.
Its deficit causes scurvy, a disease that translates into general weakness, anemia, gingivitis and bleeding into the skin.
Vitamin C decreases oxidative stress in the human body, which is continuously exposed to the negative effects of free radicals from pollution, radiation, tobacco smoke, contaminated food … That is why we consider Vitamin C as one of the nutrients with greater power struggle against the aging process.
By maintaining adequate levels of Vitamin C, we strengthen our immune system and the cellular structure of our body.
-Antioxidant: it diminishes the oxidative stress of our body.
-Reduces body damage from toxic substances such as tobacco.
-Strengthens the immune system, fighting the aging process.
-Manufacturer of collagen, protein responsible for the formation of muscle, skin, nails or hair.
-Antihistaminic, protects the respiratory tract and spring allergies.
-Catrization of wounds and repair of cartilage, bones and teeth.
– Intestinal absorption of iron.
Presentation: Container with 150 capsules of 900mg.


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